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Epbax System Controls

Smart Communications EPABX is proud to offer range of Telecom products that make a significant difference to our customer’s telecom experience with the emphasis being on assuring a superior return on investment through a unique blend of system intelligence, scalability, and cost optimization. Smart Communications EPABX design is fundamentally on Cost cutting on Telecom expenses & Enhansing productivity of employyes which incidentally are two major concerns of any SME's and small corporates. Smart Communications EPABX range of products include non PRI Digital EPABX for 24 extension upto 256 port Digital EPABX that are PRI compatible.

Profit from the Digital X'change

The Smart Communications EPABX is a new age Digital EPABX that makes technology work for you in more ways than you can imagine. The core strength of the product lies in even a layman getting enabled by the system to exploit all the benefits that are unique to Smart Communications EPABX alone! This is enhanced further with a true digital experience inbuilt into the basic system at no extra cost, something no other EPABX in the market can truly claim to deliver today! While the end user considerations are just a small part of the entire scheme of benefits that the Smart Communications has to offer; the user organization also stands to gain not only in terms of productivity leaps but also monetary profits!

With Various Telecom Service Providers offering a plethora of mind boggling options, unfortunately most users are firstly unaware and secondly have limited expertise to decide the alternative best suited to their needs. The Smart Communications EPABX comes as a refreshing change, especially since the EPABX Consultants configure it for the ideal telecom value chain best suited to your specific needs, with the system being programmed to deliver cost benefits assured.

Choosing the right telecom plans

Almost every month, if not more frequently, a new type of Subscriber Plan is introduced by someTelecom Service Provider, either for the normal fixed telephone landlines or mobile phones. This is where the Telecom Consultant plays an important role of assessing the organization's requirements and suggesting the right mix of plans to be chosen for the Smart Communications to ensure minimum billing and maximum returns from their Telecom System.

Operating within the calling budgets

Even after selecting the right mix of plans, there is a need to ensure that the chosen schemes are used optimally, which is impossible to be done manually. How does one make sure that there are no surprises in the telephone bill? The Smart Communications supports a special budgeting facility to set out-dialing budgets for every extension user individually as well as for every Service Provider telephone line terminated on the system. The respective extension lines become restricted or disabled, as soon as the budgets are exhausted, making the end users start using their extensions more judiciously. The system also ensures that after the free or discounted calls are exhausted, the Service Provider telephone lines too are disabled thus diverting the calls via other such lines where free/discounted calls are still available.

Directing calls via the least cost route

In India we still have a different tariff structure for calls made to land line & mobiles as well as different Service Provider networks, where the calls cost the least only if routed via the same network. Even though the right combination of telephone lines are connected to the EPABX, it is highly impractical to manually select the line for out-dialing based on its cost-in-the-route. However, the Smart Communications can be programmed to recognize the service provider from the number type dialed by the end user and automatically direct the same to the lowest cost route to gain from the special tariffs available.


No prizes for guessing that telecom has become the lifeline of any organization.Therefore it is only good practice that one utilises the full potential of technology to improve the overall productivity of the organization. Here the Smart Communications stands head & shoulders above other systems. To start with, it offers almost all the features that any other EPABX manufacturer can talk about - built into the system - thus shielding the user from hidden cost burdens of the add-ons required in the future. Smart Communications also provides a host of other unique benefits that enable the users to experience the true meaning of going Digital!

Automating your callers reception - Auto Attendant

When it comes to answering & greeting outside callers, the entire onus lies on the receptionist. And should she by chance not be in place - or busy answering another call - the callers are either not attended to or are directed to an unknown extension; adversely affecting the image of the organization. The Smart Communications has a special provision to greet 8 callers simultaneously in a highly pleasing manner and recording 8 different messages that can be played separately on each telephone line or during the time zone specified. Apart from enhancing the image of the organization, this unique feature equips the person at reception to work efficiently.

Differentiating between voice & fax calls automatically

More often than not, organizations dedicate separate lines to receive or send faxes only because of the inability of their existing systems to automatically
route fax calls to fax machines. The Smart Communications can recognize a fax call and thus automatically divert the same to one of the 4 fax machines - that it is capable of supporting without any human intervention whatsoever.

Routing your calls to you, instantly - Based on CLI

Most of the calls landing at the reception belong to frequent callers who typically need to speak to one particular person regularly. It is just a waste of the receptionist's time & energy to transfer such calls on a repeated basis. The Smart Communications has a special provision wherein every extension user can specify a list of telephone numbers that they would prefer to land at their extension directly, without any operator intervention, multiplying the efficacy of the operator many times over.

Make the most of your EPABX - Voice Prompts for Codes & Features

Most of the available EPABXs tend to have a long list of user codes that are very difficult to remember. As a result, people end up not using most of the features. Recognizing this problem, the Smart Communications has been designed to have an inbuilt Voice Guidance provision, where the system guides the user on all the possible options that one can exercise for a particular event. For example, on getting a Busy Tone, a normal extension user will hear the message 'For Auto Call Back, dial 4'. However, a senior executive with the bargein facility will hear 'For Auto Call Back, dial 4. To Barge-in, dial 5'. What's more, in order to make this function even more user friendly, the Smart Communications supports these voice prompts in two languages; English as well as Hindi!

Enabling you with instant details on your callers - Free CTI Application

In today's day & age of intense competition, Customer Relationship Management cannot be overemphasized. Although the scope of this application is very vast, the Smart Communications has encapsulated a small portion of the same to enable users respond to their callers in a unique manner. This is done via an inbuilt single user Caller Identification Software, where there is an instant popup generated on the user's computer screen even before a call lands on their extension. All the details of the incoming caller are displayed along with a provision to add notes of the discussion held. The software supports many other features that helps the decision makers get realtime details of all the telephone activity of the organization, thus enabling them to monitor their business better.

Free Call Billing Software

Smart Communications offers free call billing & CTI software (ResponZ) that would give you complete information of all Incoming, Outgoing & Missed calls. This not only ensures tab on your Telecom expenses but also gives an indication of how responsive the organisation is towards incoming calls. ResponZ also incorporates powerful MIS reports of all Incoming, Outgoing & Missed calls in an easy to understand format to have a comprehensive analysis.

Incoming Calls Features

* 8 port Auto Attendant (With 8 different
user recordable message options)
* Attendant/Operator Console
* Auto Fax Detection
* CLI (Caller Line Identification)
* CLI based Routing
* Day Night Mode (Manual/Automatic)
* MSN based Routing #
* Mobile Parallel ring / Mobile Extension
* Single User Caller Identifier Software #

No need to memorize codes!

* Internal Voice Guidance Prompts
* Bi-lingual Prompts (English & Hindi)

For the Budget Conscious

* Call Billing
* Call Timeout Facility
* Extension Budgeting
* Least Cost Routing
* Trunk Budgeting
* Least Cost Routing with Centrex

The misuse prevention brigade

* Class of Service
* Manual & Dynamic Extension Locking
* Restricted & Denied Dialing

The Usual Basics

* Abbreviated Dialing (Departmental /
Global / Free Pool)
* Auto Call Back
* Broker's Call
* Conference
* Call Split
* Call Hold
* Call Park
* Call Pickup (General & Selective)
* Call Forward
* Call Follow-me
* Call Transfer
* External Call Forward
* Last Number Redial
* Serial Call Transfer
* Walk-in Class of Service

For the 'I want more!' camp

* Barge-in
* Barge-in Protection
* Boss-Secretary Extension
* Do Not Disturb (DND)
* DND Protection
* CLI Restriction
* Hotline (Immediate & Delayed)
* Junction Grouping
* Listening In
* Private Junction
* Room Monitoring
* Executive Ring*

And you thought it's over!

* Alarms (Self/Other)
* Date & Time Setting
* Call Buffer (10000 Calls)
* Call Camp-on
* Closed User Groups
* Departmental Call Hunting
* Distinctive Ringing (Expect KTS)
* Flexible Numbering
* Music on Hold (Default & User Programmable)

For the true Digital Connectivity experience!

* Computer Telephony Integration
* Fully Configurable Key Phone System

If you are a hotel, there's more ...

* Check-in/ Check-out
* Floorwise Room Service
* Room to Room Call Barring
* Single Digit Number Access Setting
* HMS Integration

For your and our back end staff

* Manual & Block Programming
* Flexibility of Programming via SLT,
KTS & PC (Via Hyper Terminal)
* Remote Programming
* Programming Backup (2 levels)

For the record : Technical Specifications

* Technology - Digital TDM/ PCM Non Blocking
* Control - Stored Program Control
* Architecture - Distributed Processing
* Operating Voltage - 110 to 275 VAC, 50 Hz
* Power Backup - Battery Charging Circuit
* Temperature - 0 to 50 °C
* PC Connectivity
* Cabinet Ports Dimension in mm Weight
(L x W X H) kgs
3S 80 297 x 210 x 195 4.3
6S 128 342 x 318 x 190 4.8
8S 160 425 x 320 x 200 12.0
16S 256 795 x 290 x 390 21.0

Key Telephone System

The Intelligent NEOphone
* Backlit LCD (2 and 4 line)
* Clock Display
* Call Queuing (If Operator)
* Calling Number/Name Display
* Direct Station Selector (12 & 24 keys)
* Operator Lock
* Day Night Mode Change (If Operator)
* Menu Driven Options
* Call Waiting Indication & Display
* Missed, Received & Dialed Call Details
* Navigation Keys
* Online Advice of Charge
* Phone Book (only with 4 lines KTS)
* Status Indication (3 Color LEDs)
* Speakerphone (Full Duplex)
* Single Key Feature Access
* Volume Control
* Function Keys


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