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Our company is dedicated to providing an uncompromising level of reliability for our customers.  We recognize that our company is represented by the quality and reliability of our services.  Therefore we take redundancy, fault tolerance and system reliability very seriously. 

Our reliability sets us apart from the competition.
Others might say that our efforts at reliability are overkill, but we believe them to be just another component of the service we provide our customers.  We take reliability seriously.

Our Solution Flexibility

We are dedicated to providing solutions that meet the unique needs of our clients.  We won't try to sell you a "one size fits all" solution.  Our representatives take the time to work with you and customize your services so they deliver the precise solution that meets your particular needs. 

Our unparalleled flexibility sets us "light years" ahead of the competition.
Our dedication to flexibility continues with the efforts of our expert support staff.  Our support representatives work diligently to apply their years of communication expertise and ensure that our customers receive the maximum benefit from the services we provide. 

Our dedication to flexibility extends all the way through to our team of expert developers.  Our success is based on a realization that to truly provide custom solutions we need the capability to modify product features, extend current capabilities, and develop new technologies.
Our capability to deliver custom designed applications highlights our position as a "Premiere Solutions Provider."

Our Contribution:
*** In the month of March and September we exchange EPABX and offer the Old EPABX to Social Service Organization.
***In the Month of May and November we offer Free Training to Everyone who are interested in servicing telephone.

Our Mission Statement

“We will strive to affordably deliver reliable communication services
that make valuable contributions to the growth of your organization.

When it comes to designing the PERFECT SECURITY solution, our design engineers, at Smart Communications, share a common quest : the search for the surprising innovation, the path breaking step forward, the out of box answer, that is the PERFECT SECURITY SOLUTION.

We provide state-of-the-art security solutions to various industry verticals. Our Customers have the freedom to pick and choose combination of products and technologies, customized to their particular needs and of course this is all backed by our video surveillance specialists, who are ever willing to lend their domain knowledge to them. 
We Design Security Solutions for Various Industry verticals including 


Every day large number of people and goods pass through an airport. Therefore securing an airport raises some unique challenges. From identifying threats to the airport itself, to keeping a record of the people who pass through it, surveillance technology plays a crucial role. Smart Communications labs offers a range of solutions and tools specially designed to meet the requirements of airports and other public transport junctions.



While maintaining security in retail establishments one needs to ensure that the customers and shoppers don't feel that their privacy is being intruded upon. However shoplifters and other security threats need to be clearly told that the area is under surveillance and no liberties against it will be allowed. We at Smart Communications offer a range of surveillance solutions which provide our customers a judicious mix of discretion and security specially designed for the retail industry.


From corporate espionage to sabotage, from destruction of property to keeping a check on productivity – most workplaces today need a range of electronic security solutions. Keeping this in mind, Smart Communications labs have designed corporations surveillance solutions specially designed for the office space.



Banks & Financial Institutions

Banks are usually a symbol of security and assurance for everyone. They can therefore make no compromise in securing themselves. In the recent years banks have needed to resort to more and more high end and fail-safe security measures, especially in the area of electronic surveillance. To help keep banks and other such financial institutions secure Smart Communications labs have developed special tools and technologies which help them ensure complete safety and security within their premises.

Public Spaces


Places where a large number of people converge are always security flashpoints. Especially with the rising threat of terrorism. Smart Communications have developed surveillance technology that not only help security professionals handle the huge volume of people but also identify individual faces among them.  




City of Surveillance

The urban landscape is rife with security threats. And every city has its vulnerable groups. It becomes the responsibility of every urban planner to also plan for the security of the city. Ensuring an environment where everyone can live together in peace. The Smart Communications partners city planners and authorities from across the world to help ensure a safe and secure space for work, recreation and life.

Transport – Mobile DVR as a solution

Transport systems provide new challenges to the surveillance technology industry. New technologies are needed to track and monitor targets that are in motion, some even miles away from the control room. Smart Communications labs has been creating and developing solutions that are robust and can meet the challenges of this particular sector.  



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